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  Road Safety
Sri Lanka completes report on Global Status Report on Road Safety.

Motorcycle Helmet Survey
Trauma Secretariat completes Motorcycle Helmet Survey.
Fast Facts

Trauma is the leading cause of
hospitalization in Sri Lanka.

Trauma accounts for almost
600,000 patients per year in
Government Hospitals.

Most moderate to severe trauma
results from Road Traffic Crashes.

Road traffic crashes have increased by 249% between 1977 and 2004..

Road traffic fatalities increased by

In government hospitals, injuries
account for 1 out of 6 admissions, and 1 of 9 deaths

Road traffic deaths kill on average on person in Sri Lanka every 4.5 hours.

  News - Updates

Sri Lanka completes report on Global Status Report on Road Safety

Trauma Secretariat completes Motorcycle Helmet Survey

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National Injury Surveillance

The Trauma Secretariat will soon launch a national trauma injury surveillance system for Sri Lanka, based on successful pilot projects.

110 - In case of accident or emergency, all it takes is one call for help to arrive

Rring, rring………the action starts then. The person who answers the phone quickly takes down the name of the caller, the location and also the contact phone number, cuts the line and checks back, while the other officer in the same room presses the button setting off the alarm.

Within 30 seconds during the day and a minute during the night, the calls are over and the emergency team, ambulance siren screaming, is out of the gate on its way to the location.

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Those crucial moments - The Kurunegala Teaching Hospital’s new emergency service could help save many lives

Popular actor Ravindra Randeniya is about to light the traditional oil lamp at a heavily-attended ceremony. Amidst the smiling people, he suddenly clutches his chest and falls. While the adults look on in stunned inactivity, schoolchildren rush forward from the audience and one administers mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, shouting for someone to call 110.

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Deputy Chief of Mission James R. Moore addresses First National Conference of the Trauma Secretariat.

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WHO Road Safety Week

"Help Reduce Accidents- Road Safety Is No Accident"

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