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  Road Safety
Sri Lanka completes report on Global Status Report on Road Safety.

Motorcycle Helmet Survey
Trauma Secretariat completes Motorcycle Helmet Survey.
Fast Facts

Trauma is the leading cause of
hospitalization in Sri Lanka.

Trauma accounts for almost
600,000 patients per year in
Government Hospitals.

Most moderate to severe trauma
results from Road Traffic Crashes.

Road traffic crashes have increased by 249% between 1977 and 2004..

Road traffic fatalities increased by

In government hospitals, injuries
account for 1 out of 6 admissions, and 1 of 9 deaths

Road traffic deaths kill on average on person in Sri Lanka every 4.5 hours.


A study on injury profiles, evaluation of outcome and hospital resource utilization by injured pedestrians and vehicle occupants admitted to accident and orthopaedic service of the National Hospital of Sri Lanka. – Dr. Anil Jasinghe

Keynote Address at the Launch of the Trauma Secretariat on 11 Jan 2007 “Let’s Partner for our Safety” – Dr. Anil Jasinghe

Sri Lanka Journal of Medical Administration :
“A Proposal for a System Approach in Emergency Medical Services (Trauma) in Sri Lanka” Dr. Anil Jasinghe


Presentations at 1st National Conference of the Trauma Secretariat

Click on the provided links to download the Micorsoft Power Point Presentations.

1. Welcome to First National Conference of the Trauma Secretariat - Dr. Anil Jasinghe
2. Trauma Centre Designation Criteria - Dr. Anil Jasinghe
3. Training in “Trauma” in Sri Lanka - Ranjith Ellawala


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