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  Road Safety
Sri Lanka completes report on Global Status Report on Road Safety.

Motorcycle Helmet Survey
Trauma Secretariat completes Motorcycle Helmet Survey.
Fast Facts

Trauma is the leading cause of
hospitalization in Sri Lanka.

Trauma accounts for almost
600,000 patients per year in
Government Hospitals.

Most moderate to severe trauma
results from Road Traffic Crashes.

Road traffic crashes have increased by 249% between 1977 and 2004..

Road traffic fatalities increased by

In government hospitals, injuries
account for 1 out of 6 admissions, and 1 of 9 deaths

Road traffic deaths kill on average on person in Sri Lanka every 4.5 hours.


Trauma Secretariat of Sri Lanka

National Hospital,
Accident & Orthopaedic Service,
Regent Street, Colombo 8,
Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 011-269-2534
Fax: +94 011-269-2534


Dr. Anil Jasinghe Head of Trauma Secretariat

The Trauma Secretariat has been established by the Ministry of Healthcare & Nutrition to oversee all aspects of trauma system development in Sri Lanka. The Trauma System Development Committee (TSDC) is the technical advisory arm of the Trauma Secretariat. The TSDC is composed of experts from relevant fields and representatives of selected stakeholders.

Subcommittees of the TSDC are working on the various aspects of the comprehensive trauma system development in Sri Lanka.

TSDC Members:

For further information click on the member name to download their CVs.

Dr. Terrance G. R. de Silva, Chairman
Ministry of Healthcare & Nutrition

Dr. Anil Jasinghe, Vice Chairman
National Hospital of Sri Lanka

Professor A.H. Sherrifdeen
Emeritus Professor of Surgery

Dr. Ranjith Ellawala
Sri Lanka College of Surgeons

Dr. Shirani Hapuaracchi
Sri Lanka College of Anesthesiologists

Dr. Eeshara Kottegoda
Ministry of Healthcare & Nutrition

Dr. Narendra Pinto
National Hospital of Sri Lanka

Dr. H.D.B. Herath
Ministry of Healthcare & Nutrition

Dr. L. J. Muhanduramge
Colombo South Teaching Hospital

Dr. Asela Gunawardane
District General Hospital Horana

Dr. N.W. Waduge
General Hospital Kalutara

Dr. C.L.K. Atapattu
The Government Medical Officers Association

Mrs. A.M. Seetha Ranjani
Public Service United Nurses Union

Ms. Lisa Hilmi

Donnie Woodyard
Medical Teams International

Mr. Shogo Kanamori

Pre-Hospital Care Sub-Committee

Dr. Shirani Hapuarachchi, Chair
Dr. L. J. Muhanduramge
Dr. Eeshara Kottegoda
Dr. Lalith Chandradasa
Mr. Donnie Woodyard
Mr. Tuan Jamalon

Injury Surveillance Sub-Committee

Dr Eshara Kottegoda, Chair
Dr. Anil Jasinghe
Lisa Hilmi
Dr. N. Janaken
Mr. Shogo Kanamori

Trauma System Components Sub-Committee

Dr. Anil Jasinghe, Chair
Dr. A.N.K. Abayajeewa
Dr. Dudley Perera
Donnie Woodyard

Clinical Protocols & Guidelines Sub-Committee

Professor A.H. Sherrifdeen
Dr. L. J. Muhanduramge
Ms. K.S.N. Amarasinghe
Dr. Dudley Perera

Training Sub-Committee

Dr. Ranjith Ellawala, Chair
Ms. Pushpa Ramyani Zoysa
Dr. Narendra Pinto
Lisa Hilmi


Ministry of Healthcare & Nutrition, Sri Lanka
WHO Sri Lanka
Medical Teams International
Primary Trauma Care
College of Surgeons (Sri Lanka)
College of Anesthesiologists (Sri Lanka)
College of Medical Administrators
Disaster Management Centre

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